The NewBB体育官方网站健康计划 provides an on-campus counseling department partnering with Impact, 一家健康公司, to provide EAP (员工援助计划) services to faculty, 工作人员, 他们的家庭成员和父母/公公婆婆.

 For more information on the EAP program and services, email eap@NewBB体育官方网站mc.edu,致电800 678-6265,或访问新的员工援助 & Work/Life website powered by IMPACT, 一家健康公司. 

Create a new account by first clicking the link below and then clicking on the sign-up button (top right of the screen). 使用公司代码“七叶树”.” 


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To support employees and their families on a wide range of challenges, 责任和关注点, Ohio State offers resources and benefits to help enhance the overall 幸福 of you and your family.

俄亥俄州雇员援助计划(EAP), 与IMPACT Solutions合作, AllOne 健康公司, 有一个成员门户, 在线工具, 幸福 resources and work-life services that are available to eligible Ohio State employees, 他们的家属, 家庭成员, 父母, 和岳父.

俄亥俄州立大学EAP提供了许多 日常资源 to help make your life a little easier and less overwhelming. Individuals have access to up to five free counseling services, 资源定位器,以帮助找到儿童或成人照顾, 改善财务健康的工具, 法律服务, 旅游及娱乐策划协助, 协助寻找清洁服务, 按需专业发展课程, 还有NewBB体育官方网站.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a mental health or substance use emergency, please call 9-1-1.


The EAP tools and resources are available 24/7 through the personal EAP portal at NewBB体育官方网站.mylifeexpert.com. The portal can be used to request any of the services offered by using the live chat function Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST or completing the online request form for work-life services. You can also request any of the below services by calling 800-678-6265.

通过访问创建您的私人和机密帐户 NewBB体育官方网站.mylifeexpert.com. The Ohio State EAP portal provides you with access to current health and 幸福 related articles, 视频, 计算器, 网络研讨会的重点是:
•    家庭 -育儿小贴士, 发展阶段, 照顾孩子, 幸福, 老化, 悲伤,失去和家人的帮助
•    健康 – healthy living, mindfulness, nutrition, caregiving, COVID-19 and addiction
•    金融 – financial wellness, identity theft, legal, debt, taxes, mortgages and loans
•    职业生涯 – career goals, networking, work-life, workplace, management and skill builders
•    生活 – consumer safety, green living, travel, pets, Internet safety, disaster, pets and going green
•    大学 – college planning, financial aid, scholarships, student loans and student 幸福

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如果您在创建帐户时遇到问题,请拨打800.678.6265或电邮 eap@NewBB体育官方网站mc.edu.


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The OSU 员工援助计划 offers multiple ways to connect with confidential counseling resources:

  • 会员门户
  • 个人助理服务 
  • 5个人生指导课程
  • 医疗宣传
  • 5次心理健康咨询
  • 金融教育
  • 法律咨询 
  • 工作-生活资源和推荐 


  • 照顾孩子
  • 住房
  • 运输
  • 采用
  • 受教育机会
  • 宠物护理